Hotel Research

Task: The aim of this project is do develop a lighting design solution for use in a hotel lobby (the hotel can be chosen by you). The Design will enhance the users experience of the hotel lobby

CBeebies Land Hotel

CBeebies Land Hotel is a theme hotel located in the Alton towers, a theme park. It has an impressive sculpture in the lobby that catches the attention.

Rooms and restaurants are designed with various colours furniture and interiors that seems to enter the fairy tale.

Hotel Lobby & Restaurant Area

Butlin’s Wave Hotel

Butlin’s wave hotel is known for being family-friendly on the beach in southern England. The hotel is designed the variation of blue lighting reminiscent of waves.

This makes the atmosphere like Sci-Fi movie more than the family-friendly. Moreover, the hotel interior such as furniture does not seem children friendly.

Hotel Reception and Lobby

Theme Park Hotel – Family Oriented Hotel in Gentling Highlands

Hotel guests will be greeted with hot air balloon draped in vines check in counter surrounded with massive trees that reach all the way up to the ceiling and seem to be amongst the ‘clouds’.

Parents watching over their frolicking little ones can take a seat in one of the four ‘monkey cups’ to enjoy a tranquil view of the surrounding rainforest and the Talking Gardens.

Hotel Reception and Lobby

Ammos Hotel in Chania Crete

Ammos is the gift that keeps on giving for frazzled parents of babies and toddlers. Every year, the owner, Nikos Tsepetis, adds more designer – or as they put it “museum grade” – chairs

and contemporary art to the all-white sunny living/dining room, more kid-friendly treats to the extravagant breakfast spread, more toys to the playroom and heated pool.

Hotel Lobby & Balcony


Based on the four family-friendly hotels previously researched, the necessary elements for a family-friendly hotel lobby are summarized.

First, it must be able to satisfy both children and adults.
There is also a need for luxurious elements that adults can be satisfied with. Many family-friendly hotels are often seen as childish, focusing on children.
Second, play should be provided to children.
The lobby with luxurious furniture and lighting that children cannot touch is simply inconvenient.
Third, a space that is not too complex or showy.
The use of the space, the lobby, should not only be the first impression of the hotel but also should be a form for parents to watch their children during check-in / check-out.

Reference Design Images

India Mahdavi transforms the loft into Alice’s WonderlandVitraHaus

Following the dream-like theme of Alice’s Wonderland, India Mahdavi plays with size proportions in her installation. In her Wonderland, Alice drinks a shrinking potion enabling her to fit through the doors in the rabbit hole or to hide in a teapot. Visitors should get a similar shrinking feeling to Alice as they explore the loft. India Mahdavi achieves this by integrating oversized decorative elements, such as huge edelweiss flowers into her design. Moreover, visitors can sit inside a big teapot, which makes them feel as if they have arrived in Alice’s fantasy world. Stepping out onto the balcony, visitors will experience the same feeling Alice had after she ate the slice of cake: The use of miniature furniture makes the outside world appear to have shrunk and the visitor feel like a giant.

Zero Space is filled with furniture based on river-weathered pebbles – Igarashi Design Studio

The Zero Space room by Igarashi Design Studio is set within Musashino Art University, a creative university in north Tokyo that offers courses in fine art, industrial design, architecture and fashion.Populated by a series of comfy seating pads, the space was previously used as a shortcut to reach other buildings on campus. The local studio has make it into a place where students can relax or work in a much more casual setting than the library.