CUTE Values for Product Design.

Manchester School of Art, MMU

Creative Lighting Solutions

Aim and rational

The aim of this assignment is to gain and understanding, of the effect lighting can have on an environment and a person’s response and feelings towards, and in that environment. And use this to develop an innovative lighting solution

Why are we asking you to do this?

As a product designer, you will be involved in User Centred Design, and developing an understanding of human interaction with products and their surroundings, this information can then be analysed and used to create successful design solutions.


The aim of this project is do develop a lighting design solution for use in a hotel lobby (the hotel can be chosen by you). The Design will enhance the users experience of the hotel lobby


This project is as much about the experience and understanding of the environment as it is the product design. You will be designing a piece of lighting design that will enhance the environment and also the users experience of that environment.

The product lighting type is for you to decide, it could be floor standing, table top, wall mounted, or ceiling suspended, your decision will be informed by the experience that you as a designer wish to create.

The type of lighting technology is also up to you to decide, it could be an LED product, a compact fluorescent, or a filament lamp etc., again this will be informed by the type of experience that you want to create.

Keep in mind that the form of the product should not be dictated by the type of lighting technology that you use, the form should be born out of the emotional response and/or functional interaction that you want the user to have.

Major consideration must be given to the design proposal as an manufactured object, and not just a source of light. The materiality and manufacture of the design is central to its emotional/decorative/functional purpose, and whilst the quality of light is a major consideration, the design must be more than just a lighting effect.

Also considered the changing landscape of lighting and the technology used, you may wish to include SMART technology and enable the product to react and interact with its surroundings and users, or you may want the user to select and create their own individual experience…